About us

Thank you for joining us in the journey of fatherhood.

Medony was founded in 2018 by two dads who live in Seattle and have known each other for over 10 years.

We met during an MBA program and had always wanted to start a business together. However, life took over and our plans remained a dream. Fast forward 10 years, we are married to our loving wives and have four children between the two of our families!

Both of us were having drinks to catch up after a long day at work and were discussing how challenging it is to entertain our kids. Not to mention, how intimidating it is to stay current and ensure our kids are being provided with the right development toys and games at the right time. Then we decided to solve this problem and Medony was born. We have to thank our lovely wives for their support as without them Medony would not have been possible.

Medony is a way of life. Medony will help dads make the most of their children’s growing years, both educating them every step of the way and fostering positive relationships.