Frequently Asked Questions

Medony is a monthly subscription service for busy dads, to help you discover new games, educational toys and activities that will make your life easier. The contents of each Medony box will help you have fun with your child, and help him or her develop and grow. Our goal is to make dad’s life easier and more fun.
Your Medony box includes four gems each month, curated for you based on your child's age, gender, and based on your answers to the dad quiz. You can update your quiz anytime once you are a subscriber. You will also have an opportunity to take new quick quizzes over time to help us improve your boxes. In each box, we will also include quick and simple tooklits and booklets presented in an easy-to-digest format.
We feature natural or recyclable products whenever possible, with as little impact to the environment as possible. We carefully design or select products ensuring that our products are responsibly sourced, free of chemicals or components that could be harmful to young children.
Yes! Medony boxes are perfect for your friends who have little ones. You can choose to give them one box or a multi-month subscription package.
You can cancel anytime, and we will immediately stop charging you. Simply login to view your options.